Let the land tell the story of our lives
Let the ecology link our relationship of survival
Let creativity weave the imagination of our lives
Let CYCULA join you   Cherish the past   Seize the moment   Vision for the Future


Centaline Geoscape Architecture is both traditional and innovative, with expertise in landscape design, urban and rural planning, urban design, symbiotic ecology, social design, place-making, landscape management, community building, and civic engagement, echoing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Under the name of Geoscape Architecture, we strive to go beyond the traditional scope of landscape, and are a professional department focusing on cross-disciplinary environmental planning and design, which is reflected in the rich achievements of faculty teaching, student learning, and industry-academic research. Centaline Geoscape continues to promote the development direction of local roots and global vision, creating a quality educational environment where parents are at ease, students are happy, and teachers are attentive!

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